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High-end carbon fiber bicycle

KOOTU bikes carefully build each dedicated bicycle frame, significantly improving safety performance and riding experience. Carbon fiber material not only comes with shock absorption, but also has multiple advantages, making your riding journey easier and more enjoyable

Road bikes

Ride Beyond Limits

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Mountain Bikes

Conquer Every Trail

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Gravel Bikes

Unleash Your Off-Road Odyssey

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Elevate Your Ride Experience

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Ride the Wave, Embrace the Adventure!

KOOTU Surfboards use Anti-fin design, in line with hydrodynamic principles, and madeof high-end carbon fiber materials, ensuring both speed andquality.

Motorized Surfboard

Surf Chasing By Yourself

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Electric Surfboard

Enjoy a New Era in E-Surfboard Sports.

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Exquisite design, craftsman spirit

Embrace the artistry of cycling with our artisan-crafted bike frames, where precision meets passion. Meticulously engineered for the discerning rider, our bespoke frame exemplifies the artisan's spirit, delivering a seamless fusion of craftsmanship and performance for an unparalleled journey on two wheels.

What makes our product quality excellent?

After more than twenty years of development, KOOTU has introduced advanced German patented technology, process equipment and management techniques, hired world-class bicycle craftsmen, and adhered to the craftsmanship spirit of "Persistence, Extremity and Excellence", and is committed to creating global high-end industrial works of art. It is exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Russia, Australia and other countries and regions.

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