The "KOOTU" brand successfully registered  in Germany and established KOOTU bicycle creative design team in 2005. Meantime, KOOTU introduced the advanced carbon fiber materials and application technology of Titanium from German and European countries. Our personnel commitment is to creating advanced, technologically as well as high-end bicycle.

* In 2005, KOOTU brand was successfully registered in Germany and established KOOTU bicycle creative design team.

In 2008, High-end bicycle design team was founded in Sindelfingen by KOOTU.

In 2012, KOOTU opened up flagship store in the largest electric business platform by online sales. Breakthrough the traditional sales model, with cheapest price, achieve success in high-end market.

In 2014, KOOTU invest in building a big inustrial bicycle park, and set up sales branch respectively in overseas. To meet the requirements of a continuously growing market, KOOTU factories maximize the cost reduction and high production efficiency greatly from frame processing\painting\decal\inspection and testing.