KOOTU Motorized surfboard-black red
Jet Board Surfboard
KOOTU P1 Motorized Surfboard
KOOTU P1 Motorized Surfboard
KOOTU P1 Motorized Surfboard
KOOTU P1 Motorized Surfboard
KOOTU P1 Motorized Surfboard
KOOTU P1 Motorized Surfboard

KOOTU P1 Motorized Surfboard

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Discover the high-performance carbon power surfboard that can handle any waves? Look no further than the KOOTU P1 fuel power surfboard. This top-of-the-line surboard boasts a lightweight carbon body, a powerful Engine. It has been designed to provide an easy, stable and controlled first ride but offers the optimal platform to grow and learn with the board until the riders master cruising, carving and other tricks.

The robust construction and adapted shape allow slow, stable rides but will perform perfectly when releasing the high power it can push, giving the opportunity to our riders to discover, learn and grow in this sport until getting the most out of the session with friends, family and solo explorations. This is the board to becoming an electric surfer.
  • 3K carbon fiber material made
  • High speed and high range ,Top Speed 55km/h
  • Play for up to 90 minutes
  • Strong power,with 2 stroke cooled water engine
  • Weight 26kg
  • Free rack include

Surfboard Specifications:

Length*width*height 185*61.5*25cm
Net weight 26kg
Max speed 50km/h
Max.load 120kg
Fuel tank capacity 3.5L
Engine 2-stroke water-cool
Bore*Stroke 53mm*49.6mm
Idling speed 2800r/min
Ignition form DC digital ignition
Displacement 109CC
Max power 8.5kw/11 horsepower
Fuel& mixing ratio #95+2T engine oil(30:1)
Battery Lithium battery group,integrated in the ECU
Spark plug model A-BM6

KOOTU motorized surfboard user manual:Download

KOOTU motorized surfboard precaution :Download

How to install your new board:

How to charge the battery for your petrol surfboard?

Electric Board Charging:

How to start the engine?

What needs to be done before each ride Petrol?


What needs to be done before each ride (Electric surfboard)?


How to clean your board after ride (Petrol powered surfboard)?

Shipping policy

Notice:When we receive your order, It will take about 7-10 days to produce, assemble and debug,The shipping time is just a reference, and the delivery may be delayed in case of force majeure


By air By sea
USA About 8- 12days
CA About 10- 15days
Mexico About 10- 15days
EU countries About 15- 25days About 35-40 days
AU About 25-35 days
Asia countries About 6-8 days
UK About 20- 25days About 25-35 days


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  2. Delivery time:7-15 days

Q: Are the boards electric or fuel-powered?

A: The answer is both. One of our model is fuel-powered, one of model is E-Surfboard.

Q: What is the max load of the boards?


Q:How much does it weigh?

A: 26kg

Q: Can it be registered as a personal watercraft?

A: Absolutely. Please contact us for a certificate of conformity for your surfboard.

Q: Does the board come with a certificate of origin?

A: Yes, Kootu issues a certificate of origin for all new surfboards. This certificate of origin is recognized by tag agencies.

Q: What is the top speed?


Q:What is the cruising range?


Q:Can I check-in the Kootu board at the airport as oversized luggage?

A:You can check it in as a surfboard with TSA and fly to your country of travel destination. The fuel tank needs to be completely dry and removed from the board. It needs to travel in your backpack.

Q: Can I ride with it in salt water?

A: Absolutely. However, please take care that you need to clean and maintain the surfboard after use, because Kootu surfboards are made of carbon fiber, and cleaning is to prevent the board from corrosion.

Q: Do you have the boards in stock or are they custom-made?

A: We currently start arranging production, assembly, and debugging after receiving the surfboard order. This process takes about 6-8 days.

Q: What's in the box?

A: Fins, Foot straps, Shoes, Start key, Throttle Handle, Spare water hose, Tool bag, Braided wristband with ignition key, No.19 0pen-End ratchet wrench, Charger, Screw M6*10, Screw M5*35, Screw M5*50, Spark plug, Spare ignition key, No. 4, Hex key wrench for No. 5, Screw M6*20, Washers.

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Ride the wave like pro

3K carbon fiber surfboard

3K Carbon Fiber Material

Surfboard boards and tail fins are made of high-end carbon fiber materials, making the surfboard light, strong, shock-absorbing, durable and corrosion-resistant, and full of design.

5 PCS Carbon Fiber Fins

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Two-Stroke Water-Cooled Engine

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Advanced Jet System

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Control As You Wish

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Security Key

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