As the world’s top cycling event, the 25th European Bike Show was officially held in Germany on August 31, 2016. This European Bike Show attracted a total of 1,350 exhibitors from 48 countries. The exhibition has a total of 13 There are indoor exhibition halls, multiple outdoor booths and a DEMO DAY trial area with many participating manufacturers.
The European exhibition has a prominent position in the bicycle industry. Exhibitors will show their latest and heaviest products. Therefore, the European exhibition is also the vane of the latest trends in the bicycle industry! The theme of this year's European exhibition is undoubtedly electric-assisted e-bike. In addition,
products such as disc brake road, Gravel Bike, and electronic transmission are also full of limelight. As the world's largest bicycle exhibition, the European exhibition is also a barometer of the bicycle industry. From 2015 to 2016, the global bicycle industry has entered a period of deep adjustment. Except for the European market, sales of complete vehicles in other regions have stagnated. Because of poor sales, many brands adjusted their marketing strategies and gave up participating in large-scale exhibitions. At this European exhibition, Specialized and Pinarelllo announced early that they would not participate in the war, while the Dutch bicycle giant PON Group's Cervelo, Focus and other big names will be absent from the European exhibition, bringing some regrets to the exhibition. Of course, it’s not the point to repeat so much! Here comes the point! Here comes the point! Here comes the point!
SAVA folding bikes will be the first time to visit the European exhibition, experience the rich understanding of Europeans on bicycles, feel the influence of top-level events, absorb the essence, and create a new path!