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SAVA Carbon Power Surf Skateboard Surf Board Deck 3.5 L Large Fuel Tank Surf Skateboard Trucks

SAVA Carbon Power Surf Skateboard Surf Board Deck 3.5 L Large Fuel Tank Surf Skateboard Trucks

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 Bike shipping details

1.Ship from: SAVA factory
After we received your order.It usually takes 6-8 working days for production, assembly, debug, packing, and sent out.(Some new models may take 10-13 working days. )Because we want to make sure the customer gets the bike 90% pre-assembled

Available countries: all over the world. (Except delay caused by force majeure)

Shipping way: UPS/EMS/DHL/DPD/ Special line and so on

Shipping time (for reference only) :

USA: About 6-12 working days

North america: CA/MEXICO ,about 10-15 working days.

EU countries: 12-18 working days.

Asia countries:6-12 working days

South america :(Brazil,Argentina,Colombia...) , about 20-35 working days.

Oceania:AU,about 15-25 working days.

Philippines: can only be shipped to Manila.Please contact our customer service.

Tax duty:

Tax free countries: All EU countries UK/ US/ RU/ Japan/ Singapore/ Malaysia/ Thailand/Qatar/ UAE. 

MEXICO/CANADA: Tax around 30-90 CAD, buyer pay.

If your counties is not listed, please kindly contact us.


2.Ship from:US warehouse

Only ship to Native American

Shipping ways:Fedex

Shipping time:About 3-5 days

Shipping fee: Free 


3.Ship from :EU warehouse

Available countires: Germany,France,Italy,Spain,Poland, Romania,Netherlands,Belgium,Czech Republic (Czechia),Greece,Portugal, Sweden,Hungary,Austria,Switzerland, Denmark,Finland,Slovakia, Norway,Ireland,Slovenia,Slovenia

Shipping ways:DPD

Shipping time :About 3-7 days

Shipping fee:Free Shipping


3.Bicycle accessories shipping details:

Free Shipping worldwide

Shipping way: 4px express

Delivery time:About 15-25 days 

It is not ruled out that irresistible factors lead to the extension of the delivery time of the package,such as bad weather and Covid-19

4.Power Surfboard Shipping information:

About SAVA power surf board shipping:

Currently,  It takes 20 days for factory production, assembly, testing, and shipping,Shipping and air shipping options are available.

Asian and Russia: special line logistics, 30-40days,with tracking

United States: By sea ,the delivery time is 40 days, UPS has tracking; By air transport (battery is sent separately) is 12 days, SF with tracking
Canada: By sea, 50 days. UPS has tracking
Mexico: By sea,  40-50 days.No Tracking
Europe: By sea, 50 days . UPS has tracking; By air freight with battery,  12-15 working days, DPD has tracking


FLT powered surfboard, easy to use and easy to operate. It has a built-in 8kW two-stroke water cooled engine, which is full of power, noise and pollution. This surfboard is easy to carry, the acceleration performance is superior, the control is comfortable, the dynamic is strong, the appearance design of the novel, the line that is beautiful and round, permeates the breath of the youth time, more the glamour of the perturbed person.

Jet board

Overall length(mm)


Overall width(mm)


Overall hight(mm)


150(out of fin)

Net weight(kg)


Jet Pump Type

Axial flow,single stage

Min. water depth(cm)


Max. Person


1 person

Max. capacity(kg)


Max speed(km/h)


Fuel capacity(L)




Two-stroke water-cooled



Bore× Stroke


Max power(KW)


Idling speed(r/min)


Fuel mixing ratio


Ignition form

DC digital ignition


Lithium battery Group

integrated in the ECU


Spark plug model




Packing size


Product detail:

How to install a SAVA power carbon surfboard:

About shipping information:

United States: By sea, 40 days, Trackable, UPS tracking.

Air parcel 12 days, Trackable, SF Airline.

Russia ,30-35 Days, Truck delivery, trackable.

Europe Country: By sea, 50 days, Trackable, UPS tracking.

Air parcel, 12-15 days ,Trackable , DPD tracking

Canada: By sea, 50 days , Truck delivery, non trackable.

Mexico: By sea, 40-50 days. Truck delivery, non trackable.

(If your country not on the list, please contact us to check details)


The surfboard packing size is 202x75x31cm, weight 37.5kg.

With electricity (the battery for starting motor).

The size and weight is overweight for most commercial express.

So we mostly choose to send via railway /sealine, to reduce buyer's shipping cost and end price.

Please notice this before placing order.

Notes: Checklist for the every use:

Put the surfboard on the stand before into the water.
1.Check whether the handle throttles smoothly, and whether the protection switch plugs and pulls smoothly.

2.Check whether the intake hose is crushed and broken. (The intake hose mouth cannot touch the water surface.)

3.Check whether the jet impeller is wrapped by foreign matter, whether the cooling pipe is connected to the spray pump firmly and if there is any breakage.

4.Check if the exhaust pipe is unobstructed.

5.Open the engine hatch cover and check:

Open the tank cap, Check the air pipe and make sure there is no petrol in air pipe.
Check the connection of intake/ exhaust pipes, the oil pipe and the cooling water pipe, make sure they are connected well; and make sure there is no bubble in oil pipe.
Check whether the electrical circuit is short or open, and the connector is loose or falling off.
Check whether the battery is fully charged.
Check whether the spark plug cap is firmly connected.
Check that the pump is working properly.
Before riding, spray the engine and the idle bearing with oil WD-40(type), once a day.

Start the engine and rev it twice. The engine is only allowed to run without water cooling for a maximum of 10 seconds; otherwise the engine would overheat and one way valve will be burnt out.

6.In any case, press the engine start button no more than 5 times in a row,otherwise you must wait for 5 minutes.
Do not ride in the water area with aquatic weeds and garbage. Do not ride in sandy waters that the water depth less than 90CM.

Warm up before riding:
Take the surfboard to the water and let the bow close to the shore supports. Start the engine and let it run 2~5 minutes, in addition check the height of cooling water spout on the right side and the operation of water pump. Then you can ride if all of the above is normal.

Immediately after each riding:
Hold the surfboard up to the shore and stand upside down. Keep the intake hose down and wait until the rest of the water from the inside of the board drains out.
Put the surfboard on the stand. Start engine, 3~4 seconds, and wait until the rest of the water from the exhaust pipe drains out.
After riding your board in salt water, wash it with freshwater including the inner space and engine, and then let the engine run for about 5 seconds. Let the inner space dry out.
Spray the whole engine thoroughly with WD-40 oil. Start engine again for 1~2 seconds before injecting proper amount WD-40 oil into carburetor inlet, to prevent internal parts from rusting.

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