SAVA Cup·The First Huiyang Bicycle Tournament

  • On December 1, the 2019 Guangdong Tourism and Culture Festival and the 10th (Huizhou) Dongpo Cultural Festival, SAVA Cup·The first Huiyang Bicycle Competition kicked off with passion on Jinqiu Avenue, Qiuchang Street, Huiyang District, Huizhou. Nearly 700 riders gathered in Chinese history. Huiyang, a famous cultural town in autumn, pursues speed and passion, and experiences the perfect combination of culture, tourism and sports in Qiuchang!
  • SAVA Cup·The first Huiyang Bicycle Competition consists of 3 parts, namely adult competition, honor riding and children's car competition. Among them, the adult competition part is a turn-back lap race. The track is located on Jinqiu Avenue, Qiuchang Street, with the length of each lap. 4 kilometers, there are slight ups and downs on the way, which mainly tests the driver's sprint ability on flat roads. It is a head-to-head battle of strength.

After fierce competition, the competition of the three major groups was settled, and the SAVA team performed brilliantly! In the 52KM men’s road race, which was the most competitive, SAVA team Ma Zequan took the lead and flew solo and successfully won the championship. In the women’s road group, SAVA team Fu Shiqi was even better in the group sprint, winning 24KM. Women's road group champion; the final 32KM men's mountain group champion was won by Hong Kunhong.

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