How much do you know about SAVA carbon bikes?

I believe everyone is familiar with carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is made of specially processed high-quality polyacrylonitrile (PAN). It is an expensive material. It was previously used in aviation and military fields. With the development of technology With the development and reduction of manufacturing costs, carbon brazing has become more and more widely used. It is now widely used in industrial fields such as automobiles and bicycles.

It has a series of advantages such as light weight, high strength, high modulus, chemical corrosion resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, etc.
As far as we know, most bicycles were made of aluminum before. With the advancement of technology, carbon brazed bicycles are becoming more and more popular. It is understood that the lightest carbon brazed bicycles in the world are Dun’s Hummingbird bicycles. , It weighs only 6.5 kg, or about 14 pounds.
So what are the advantages of carbon fiber bikes?
1. Light weight, light weight frame can be made, carbon fiber weight is very light, bicycles made with it are much lighter than those made of steel or alloy, lightness can reduce the burden on riders and increase the speed of riding. Riding a bicycle can't rely on external force, it is completely based on double pedals. The heavier the bicycle, the greater the force used by the person, the harder it is to ride, the slower the driving speed; the safety performance is high. The heavier the weight, the greater the inertia. The carbon fiber bike is lighter and can stop quickly when braking suddenly, which is safer
Here to add knowledge of carbon brazing dimension grade, carbon fiber is divided into two types: T-grade and M-grade. T-level pursues strength, M-level pursues toughness, T-level is now the highest level is T1000, the highest level of M-level is MJ60. M-level is more difficult to produce than T-level. T-level non-professionals can be regarded as aviation-level. It is widely used in airplanes, automobiles, and high-end bicycles. Everyone is very familiar with the T series. Many people also know T300, T400, T700, T800, etc., in fact, it is based on tensile strength. The classification of the grade, and the SAVA bicycle uses the Japanese TORAY T800 carbon brazed bicycle frame,the lightest bicycle is 8.4kg

2. Good rigidity, high strength and hardness, making the bicycle very strong and safer to ride

3. Good shock absorption
 Carbon fiber is used to make artificial legs for the disabled when exercising, or special springs are used in various fields. Make use of its excellent shock absorption performance to make bicycles without shock absorbers, which has the effect of shock absorption.
4. Strong plasticity, can manufacture various shapes of frame

At present, most of SAVA carbon fiber bicycles are full-carbon and semi-carbon bicycles. So what are the types of carbon fiber bicycles?

All carbon: All carbon fiber bicycle accessories are made of carbon fiber materials.
Semi-carbon: Many bicycles are made of aluminum alloy + carbon fiber. For example, a frame may be made of carbon for the upper tube and aluminum alloy for other parts (or carbon for the rear triangle...), the front fork arm is made of carbon fiber, and the front fork tube is made of aluminum alloy. This can be said to be semi-carbon. .
Carbon-coated: Some parts such as frames, handlebars, stems, cranks, front forks, seat rods, etc., are made of aluminum alloy by the manufacturer, and then a layer of carbon cloth is coated on the surface. This is what is coated with carbon.

It is understood that the big-brand carbon fiber bikes on the market are relatively expensive, about 3,000 US dollars, while the current price of SAVA carbon fiber bikes is relatively close to the people, at most about two thousand US dollars, so for carbon fiber bikes Of lovers may be a good choice