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Black kootu rider R7120
Rider 7.2  Integrated Carbon Road Bike
T800 carbon fiber frame
700C carbon fork
Integrated carbon fiber handlebar
Full internal cable routing design
Shimano 105 ST-R7120
shimano 105 FD-R7100
shimano105 FC-R7100
shimano105 RD-R7100
Hydraulic disc brake
700c carbon wheels
comfortable saddle
Rider 7.2  Integrated Carbon Road Bike

Rider 7.2 Integrated Carbon Road Bike

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Experience the KOOTU Rider 7.2 - a seamless fusion of cutting-edge design and performance. Crafted with T800 carbon fiber, its frame, front fork, seat post, handlebar, and wheelset ensure unparalleled strength and weight reduction. Powered by Shimano 105 R7120 24-speed drivetrain for smooth shifts and efficient pedaling. Enhanced safety with hydraulic disc brakes. Perfect for the avid cyclist looking for precision and style

  • T800 carbon fiber frame,fork,seatpost,handlebar,wheelsets
  • Weight: about 8.3kg (Weight varies by size)
  • Full integrated cable routing design
  • Aerodynamic frame
  • SHIMANO 105 R7120 24speed groupset
  • 700*25C IRC Tires
  • Free pedals include
  • Hydraulic disc brake
  • 90%pre-assembled
Model KOOTU Rider 7.2 R7120 24Speed
Frame  T800 carbon fiber, 700C*frame size*142 
Fork T800 carbon fiber ,700C*100
Handlebar T800 carbon fiber , 400*31.8
Seatpost T800 carbon fiber ,350MM
Wheelset T800 carbon fiber ,700C*28H F/V,50 depth
Hubs Aluminum,Front :MTF091001 14G*24H M12*100 .Rear:MTR091002 14G*24H M12*142  11S
Tires 700*25C IRC 60TPI 
Crankset SHIMANO FC-R7100.105 12-SPEED. 2. 170MM, 50-34T 
BB BB92PM,press in
Shifter levers SHIMANO 105 ST-R7120(L),BR-R7170(F) FOR 140MM (W/FIN)800MM, ST-R7120(R), BR-R7170(R)FOR25MM MNT,(W/FIN), 1500MM 
Front derailleur SHIMANO 105 FD-R7100. 12-SPEED
Rear derailleur  SHIMANO 105 RD-R7100. 12-SPEED
Flywheel SHIMANO CSHG71012.12-SPEED, 11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-24-28-32-36T
Rotors Pro 140MM
Pedals Aluminum,LP-B921,9/16(free include)
Saddle YBT
KOOTU RIDER JACK R8020 hydraulische Scheibenbremse Carbon-Rennrad-Größentabelle
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full carbon road bike|shimano 105 r7120 groupset|rider 7.2

Professional design, excellent safety - your exclusive cycling partner

Our bicycle frames are carefully crafted by a professional design team. We pursue not only quality, but also unique design and superior safety performance. Our bicycle frames are user-oriented, focusing on details and user experience, bringing you an unparalleled riding experience. Many bicycles on the market adopt a universal frame design for cost reduction, but we focus on providing you with high-quality, personalized options.

Airflow Path Design of Bicycle Frame

The design of the airflow path of the bicycle frame not only improves the aerodynamic performance, making the ride smoother, stable, faster, and comfortable, but also saves effort

aerodynamic frame|rider 7.2 aerodynamic frame|rider 7.2

Clean and stylish full hidden line design

The fully internal wiring design makes it clean and tidy, and also avoids the aging phenomenon of brake wires exposed to the outside for years, effectively reducing wind resistance during cycling

Unique wind-breaking bicycle frame design

The closer the distance between the wheelset and the frame, the less air turbulence and vortex formation, thereby reducing wind resistance and improving the speed and efficiency of cycling

carbon fiber vs other material-kootu bike carbon fiber vs other material-kootu bike

"Actual application parts of carbon fiber and its advantages"

Carbon fiber is not only lightweight, high strength, and corrosion resistant, but its low thermal expansion rate can protect bicycle components. When riding, it can improve performance and handling, while also providing better safety and comfort, which is unmatched by other materials.

shimano 105 crankset|rider 7.2

T800 grade carbon fiber frame/seat post

T800 grade carbon fiber wheel set

T800 grade carbon fiber front fork

T800 grade carbon fiber handlebar

With Shimano R7120 24 Speed Special Shift Groups

SHIMANO 105 brings new vitality to road cycling with its refreshed control interface and high-quality 12-speed mechanical shifting system. The ergonomic dual-control handle can accommodate a variety of hand sizes, while the drive system's lower than 1:1 gear ratio helps you overcome a variety of climbing conditions

shimano 105 r7120 groupset|rider 7.2 shimano 105 r7120 groupset|rider 7.2

Introduction to the function selling points of the bicycle kit

shimano 105 st-r7120|rider 7.2

Shimano 105 ST-R7120

Ergonomic design for comfortable and secure grip, regardless of hand shape and size. Better control performance, lightweight shifting for focusing on the road ahead.

SHIMANO 105 FD-R7100|Rider 7.2

Shimano 105 FD-R7100

The front derailleur provides a lightweight and smooth shifting operation, allowing for a natural and precise shifting process, providing ultimate convenience.

shimano 105 RD-R7100|Rider 7.2

Shimano 105 RD-R7100

The front derailleur provides a lightweight and smooth shifting operation, allowing for a natural and precise shifting process, providing ultimate convenience.

SHIMANO 105 FC-R7100

The transmission system of the derailleur has been carefully designed and manufactured to achieve precise transmission and lightweight design, which can reduce the weight of the entire vehicle and improve cycling efficiency.

shimano CS-7101|Rider 7.2

Special material flywheel

Made of high-strength materials, it has high tensile strength and compressive strength, can withstand large loads and impact forces, and is not easily deformed or damaged.

comfortable saddle|rider 7.2

Lightweight saddle

High-resilience hollow ergonomic saddle is a carefully designed seat that provides breathability and comfortable support, enhancing seating comfort and reducing fatigue.

Shimano 105 7170 Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The new piston-designed racing brake system, with the assistance of the new SHIMANO 105 brake system, allows riders to not only experience the fun of familiar braking operations, but also the thrill of breaking through themselves, resulting in continuous improvement during the ride.

Why choose KOOTU ?

Professional Team

We pay great attention to the safety and riding experience of our customers by combining multiple workshops to meet all the criteria to build bikes that are both safe and comfortable.

Low carbon emission reduction

Our team is also committed to contribute to the global environment with comfortable riding, so that we can create a more comfortable environment together

Lifetime Service

If you have any questions about bicycles, you can always contact our team. We will provide the right solution for you at the first time.

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