How to Install Your KOOTU Rider 5.0 Quick?

Installing the KOOTU Rider 5.0 Quick on your bike may seem daunting, but with a few straightforward steps, you can ensure a secure and efficient setup. KOOTU has also created a special installation video posted on Youtube, and this detailed guide will help you install it correctly.

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Step 1:  Open accessories box, take out the accessories and tools.

Step 2: Remove the protect material. 

Step 3: Remove the seat post

Step 4: Installing the wheelset

Carefully check whether bushing is take down together when remove the wheel protect cover. lf so,please install the bushing back to wheel hub. Take down the front wheel through axle. Pull out the caliper protect pad. Please don't pinch the brake lever before wheel install. Align the brake disc to brake caliper and install the wheel to center. Insert the through axle and lock according to instruction torque.

Step 5: Handlebar mounting

Take down the fork end cover and bolt. Press the cable route rack to frame (make sure the protrusion facing down). Plunge the pre-install bottom bushing into the fork. Install the 3x middle bushing (protrusion point facing up). Route cables through bushings during installation. Repeat for the x3 center bushings. Plunge into the top bushing

and the handlebar, and press down. lnstall fork end cover and screw in the bolt leave a little space for centeral the handlebar.Centeral the handlebar ,then lock the fork end cover. Lock the handlebar side bolts.

Step 6: Seat post mounting

Plunge the dust-proof cover into seat post. Then tighten the seat post clamp.

Step 7: Mounting bike pedeals

Clockwise install and lock carefully check the direction before install, wrongly install might cause big damage. Take down the protection material install finish.

By following these steps, you can easily install your KOOTU Rider 5.0, ensuring a secure and smooth ride. Proper installation not only enhances performance but also ensures your safety on the road.